IPaT Thursday Think Tank: Unpacking IPaT's Mission for New Faculty: What IPaT Does and How Georgia Tech Works

Created in 2011, IPaT’s vision is to shape the future of human-centered systems, environments, and technologies to promote fulfilling, healthy, and productive lives. In this Think Tank, we unpack our four-part mission for how we catalyze and amplify Georgia Tech’s leadership for faculty. New Georgia Tech faculty are encouraged to attend, but all are welcome as we continue this journey together.

IPaT’s Mission

Catalyze interdisciplinary research between faculty, students, and industry.

Provide the continuity and capacity to address societal challenges.

Advocate for socio-technical change that improves the human condition.

Educate human-centered engineers, scientists, designers, business leaders, and policymakers.

Learn more about our vision and mission on the IPaT website.



Beth Mynatt, Executive Director, Institute for People and Technology and Distinguished Professor, College of Computing

Matt Sanders, Director of Research Operations, Institute for People and Technology

Siva Jayaraman, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Institute for People and Technology

Event Details


  • Thursday, October 17, 2019
    3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: IPaT@Centergy, 75 5th Street NW Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30308

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